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UK government warns lockdown could become tougher

On March 23 the UK went into a semi-lockdown but people are still allowed to go out for one form of exercise with one other person or family, and shop for essentials.

But they are expected to spend all the rest of their time indoors. Everyone is hoping these are temporary measures, but Prime Minister Boris Johnson is warning on the contrary a tougher lockdown might be necessary. Because according his advisers, there is no quick fix for this crisis.

According to Press TV, England’s Deputy Chief Medical Officer, Dr Jenny Harries warned that if people suddenly revert back to normal ways of living, all the gains made might be wasted and the UK could see a second peak. Health chiefs have said again and again, that Britain will do well to keep its deaths below 20,000.

The police now have the power to fine those who leave their homes without good reason or gather in groups. Spain has been under lockdown for 2 weeks now it’s death toll is more than 7000.

Italy, the hardest hit country in Europe, has already passed 10,000 deaths. The country has been under lockdown for three weeks, and people are getting desperate.

A man was filmed shouting at police saying his family had no food, and the bank closed before he could withdraw his mother’s pension. Their only source of income. The question is, will the UK be able to avoid the same scenario, which realistically is only weeks away.