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Medics rushing to China’s Wuhan to help fight virus

Medical teams from across China are going to the city of Wuhan, where a deadly virus has originated, to help treat the increasing number of patients, as the disease spreads across the country and the rest of the world.

According to Press TV, medical teams, comprising hundreds of medical workers, are being dispatched to Wuhan to fight the coronavirus epidemic at its source.

“All of us volunteered to go for the fight, as epidemic control is an order,” said Gong Mei, a chief physician of the Critical Care Medicine Department of the Inner Mongolia People’s Hospital. “In particular, the severe patients need medical personnel the most, so it is incumbent upon us to do so.”

Two hospitals with special respiratory wards are also being built in Wuhan at a highly accelerated pace.

On Wednesday, 25 new deaths were reported in Hubei Province, of which Wuhan is the provincial capital, bringing the total death toll from the disease to 132.

Confirmed infection cases across China also reached 5,974 in 31 provincial-level regions by the end of Tuesday, health authorities said Wednesday. Among the patients, 1,239 are currently in critical condition.

The virus has prompted the Chinese government to impose partial or full lock-downs on Chinese cities, affecting millions of people. The restrictions are taking place during the Lunar New Year holidays, the most important in China, which began on Saturday.