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Iran’s Zarif slams US plan as ‘nightmare’ for region, world

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif has lashed out at the US’s so-called peace plan for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, saying the initiative is a “nightmare” both for the region and the world.

According to Press TV, Zarif said in a tweet on Tuesday that the US President Donald Trump’s “so-called ‘Vision for Peace’ is simply the dream project of a bankruptcy-ridden real estate developer.”

The Iranian foreign minister added that the plan was a “nightmare for the region and the world and, hopefully, a wake-up call for all the Muslims who have been barking up the wrong tree.”

Zarif also called for unity in the international community for the Palestinian cause, saying the so-called peace plan was considered as “sleepwalking into catastrophe.”

Ilan Goldenberg, the chief of staff to the lead US negotiator in the last failed attempt under former US President Barack Obama, also took to Twitter on Tuesday and described the ideas put forward in the 80-page US document as “non-starters.”

Earlier in the day, Trump repeated his highly controversial endorsement of occupied al-Quds as Israel’s “undivided capital” as he outlined his administration’s self-styled plan for the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, which Palestinians have already dismissed.