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Iran decries certain countries’ political abuse of Ukraine plane crash

Iran’s Foreign Ministry has decried the “abuse” of Iran’s accidental downing of Ukraine plane by some countries who pursue certain “political plots” against Iran.

“We urge all sides to not abuse humanitarian issues – specifically this tragic incident – in a bid to make political gestures and pursue their political dreams,” Foreign Ministry spokesman Abbas Mousavi said on Friday, Press TV reported.

“For the sake of the mourning families, allow procedures to continue as they currently are in a natural matter, far from diversions,” he added.

Mousavi’s Friday remarks came in response to a joint meeting and statement made by the foreign ministers of the five countries whose citizens were also among the crash victims.

On Thursday, the foreign ministers called on Iran to pay compensation for the victims and to conduct “thorough, independent and transparent international investigation open to grieving nations”.

In his Friday remarks, Mousavi expressed disappointment that such a meeting had been held and that certain negative comments had been made regarding Iran.

“Seeking to console the mourning families and addressing the humanitarian implications of this incident, we have had very smooth and beyond usual cooperation with the delegations of these countries,” he said.

Mousavi also decried the words of the Canadian foreign minister, which he said came despite Iran’s cooperation and progress in matters regarding the incident.

The spokesman added that Champagne had called on Tehran to provide consular services despite the fact that Iran had already provided the services to facilitate matters related to the plane crash.