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Iran’s natural gas processing capacity hits 328.5 bcm

A senior Iranian oil Ministry official says the total capacity for processing natural gas in the country has reached 900 million cubic meters a day, or 328.5 billion cubic meters (bcm) a year.

According to Press TV, Masoud Zardouyan said on Sunday that gas refineries in Iran had undergone major renovation and restructuring programs until September this year allowing them to be ready for processing enough natural gas needed for the cold winter months.

Zardouyan, who serves as coordinating and supervising manager at the National Iranian Gas Company said “The promise to increase gas processing capacity to 900 million cubic meters per day has been realized.”

The official said bulk of the natural gas that reaches refineries in Iran is processed for household consumption purposes and the rest goes to the production of refined products, including the liquefied natural gas (LNG) which has a high demand outside of Iran and in neighboring countries.

The announcement on increased natural gas processing capacity in Iran comes amid massive government plans to increase gas output to levels near 1 bcm per day.

Trailing Russia, Iran sits on the second largest gas reserves in the world while it ranks third internationally in terms of daily output.

That has come mainly thanks to development plans at South Pars, the world’s largest gas field which is shared with neighboring Qatar in the Persian Gulf.

The expansion of the South Pars has continued over the past years despite a raft of US sanctions imposed on Iran’s oil and gas industry.

Those sanctions even forced the French energy giant Total to withdraw from a major agreement to develop the gas field last year.