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Erdogan urges NATO members to label groups in Syria as terrorists

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan says he expected solidarity from the NATO members against threats that his country is facing.

According to Press TV, Erdogan made the comments as he left Turkey to attend the NATO’s 70th anniversary summit in London, where he assured that the bloc must renew itself and strengthen it.

The president said Ankara will oppose any decision coming from the NATO concerning action on the issue of Baltic countries and Poland as long as the bloc does not recognize its fight against terrorism.

Meanwhile US president Donald Trump praised Turkey saying it is quote “a very good member of NATO.”

Despite the bloc’s attempts to renew its strategy, many believe that the differences between the member states and some selfish desires will prevent it from doing so.

Turkey is the NATO’s second largest military force and a key actor in the bloc. Ankara is angry at some NATO allies for backing Kurdish militants in northern Syria that it considers terrorists and now wants the bloc to flag them as a terrorist groups too.

Ankara has full political and military veto right in NATO. There are also concerns about Turkey’s opposition to some of the NATO’s new plans, as it had time and again hinted to the lack of support from the bloc in its fight against terrorism.