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Iran building major power plant in Syria’s Latakia

Iran’s energy minister says a private Iranian contractor has started construction for a major power plant in Syria’s Latakia.

Reza Ardakanian said on Wednesday that construction for the gas-fired combined-cycle power plant is backed by the governments in Iran and Syria.

“This project is being executed through joint investment,” said Ardakanian of the power plant which is expected to have a capacity of 540 megawatts once finished.

Latakia, a key port city on the Mediterranean, has been less affected by years of war in Syria.

However, Damascus wants the city to become a model for reconstruction in other regions as the country is emerging from years of militancy and trying to rebuild the country devastated by the war.

Ardakanian called on Iranian companies to get involved in Syria’s plans for development in the electricity sector, saying that other countries are becoming increasingly interested in reconstruction plans in the Arab country.

The deal for construction of Latakia power plant was finalized in October 2018 when the Mapna group, the largest energy construction company in Iran, signed an