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France, Netherlands signal they may veto Brexit extension

In a sign of growing European exasperation with the chaotic state of affairs in Westminster, France and the Netherlands have indicated they may oppose an extension to Brexit.

The latest sign of exasperation came from the Dutch Foreign Trade Minister, Sigrid Kaag, who says the Netherlands may prefer a no-deal Brexit to continuing uncertainty.

Kaag told the Dutch daily, Het Financieele Dagblad: “There comes a point where the certainty of being worse off can be better than ongoing uncertainty without any new prospect”.

Kaag’s warning to Britain comes on the heels of a similar threat by the French Foreign Minister, Jean-Yves Le Drian.

On September 08, Le Drian threatened to veto a further Brexit extension because of the “worrying” lack of progress in recent Brexit-related talks between the UK and the EU.

A veto by a single European country is enough to prevent Britain from being granted a further three months extension to exiting the EU.

The exasperation of key EU states, such as France and the Netherlands, is a worrying development for the British House of Commons, which has wrested control of the Brexit agenda from Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

The House of Commons is calling for a three months delay – to January 31, 2020 – on the assumption that the EU will agree to it.