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Israel signs deal to pave way for gas exports to Egypt

Zionist regime has struck a deal with Egypt to use a gas terminal in Ashkelon for exports of gas to the Arab country, despite opposition from Lebanon which views the reserves as stolen.

According to Press TV, the arrangement reached on Sunday was described as one of the final hurdles before Israel could begin selling gas to Egypt in a $15 billion export deal.

The gas will be supplied via a 90 km-long subsea pipeline that connects Ashkelon to el-Arish in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula, but first the gas must pass through the Israeli terminal in Ashkelon.

Israel looks at Jordan and Egypt as the potential buyers of gas which it claims to have found in the eastern Mediterranean. Egypt’s trade with Israel is larger than its trade with some Arab countries.

The reserves, discovered in the eastern Mediterranean Levant Basin since 2009, straddle the territories of several countries – including Cyprus, Greece, Egypt, Lebanon and Syria – whose relations are strained on a number of fronts.

Lebanon has warned its Mediterranean neighbors that a planned gas pipeline from the Occupied Palestine to the European Union must not be allowed to violate its maritime borders.

Beirut has an unresolved maritime border dispute with Israel over a sea area of about 860 sq km extending along the edge of three of Lebanon’s southern energy blocks.

Zionist regime is hoping to enlist several European countries in the construction of a 2,000 km pipeline linking vast eastern Mediterranean gas resources to Europe through Cyprus, Greece and Italy at a cost of $7 billion.

Lebanese Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri said in February that Israel was seeking to steal Lebanon’s oil and gas reserves.