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Pentagon seeking NATO alliance to ‘close the door to conflict’ with Iran

Acting US Defense Secretary Mark Esper says he is seeking support from NATO allies to “close the door to conflict” with Iran.

According to Press TV, the newly appointed acting Pentagon chief further claimed during his Tuesday flight to Brussels that the US was seeking to “open the door to diplomacy” with Tehran.

“Express with us the concern, outrage if not, with regard to Iran’s activities in the region. That would be a good first step. And then secondly, to support any range of activities we may think merit participation to help again deter conflict and show that we’re resolute. What we’re trying to do, what we want to do is close the door to conflict and open the door to diplomacy,” he claimed.

The United States’ warmongering in West Asia continues despite the Trump administration’s claims of pursuing a diplomatic solution to the conflict with Iran.

En route to the European Union’s de facto capital, Esper further repeated Washington’s stance that it is not seeking war with Iran, claiming that the US is after a “diplomatic path.”

“We are not seeking conflict with Iran. The United States is not looking to go to war with Iran. Rather, we want to get into a diplomatic path. And I think my discussions with them will be, and has been, beginning already, is to work with us, we need to kind of broaden out the engagement on this and we all need to work together to get Iran on a diplomatic path,” the acting US defense secretary alleged. “This is not Iran versus the United States. This is the Iran certainly versus the region, and arguably the broader global environment. So we need to all work together and get on a diplomatic path and reach a new better agreement than what we had before.”

Esper’s comments came as President Donald Trump was boasting of “tremendous support” for the US in dealing with Iran, baselessly claiming that Tehran was seeking nuclear weapons.

“So they had a path to nuclear weapons. We cannot allow Iran to have a path to nuclear weapons. By the way, we have tremendous support, tremendous support and people were very happy with what I did the other day by not doing something,” Trump said referencing claims that he called off a strike against Iran in the last minute. “But, we had tremendous and we have tremendous support. Nobody wants to see Iran have nuclear weapons.”

The Islamic Republic has remained steadfast in the belief that it will never pursue a nuclear weapon.

The US president also suggested that the US is ready both for negotiations as well as military confrontations with Iran.

“When they are ready they will have to let us know. When they are ready, they will let us know. Very simple. Ready to do whatever. It doesn’t make any difference. Whatever they want to do, I’m ready,” claimed Trump.

Tehran has time and again asserted that it does not seek war with the US, yet stands ready to defend its interests in the region.