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Iran designs, builds three new missiles for attack copters

Experts at Iran’s Defense Ministry and the Army Aviation have designed and produced three new missiles to be mounted on the military’s attack helicopters, with a view to their mass-production in near future.

The missiles, all of whom have a range of more than eight kilometers, are respectively dubbed Heidar, Qamar-e Bani Hashem, and the airborne version of the Dehlaviyeh armor-piercing missile, Fars news agency reported on Thursday.

The agency identified Heidar missile as a precision air-to-ground missile that can be used against armored and ground-based targets, including enemy gatherings. It can pierce its target as deep as one meter and be fitted with various seeker systems that would enable its deployment in different weather conditions.

Qamar-e Bani Hashem missile can be used against the same targets, but can also function as an air-to-air projectile, lock onto its targets upon release, and be deployed in the dark.

The new make of the Dehlaviyeh missile is a laser-guided air-to-ground projectile, which is similarly suitable for deployment against armored targets and is low in weight. It can pierce targets as deep as 1.20 meters.