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Demonstrations planned for Presidents Day in US against Trump

A new wave of protests is to hit the United States for Presidents Day against Donald Trump’s decision to declare national emergency to get the money for his border wall.

According to Press TV, people from across the US, including the States of New York, California and Texas, are set to voice opposition to President Trump’s national emergency declaration.

“Donald Trump has declared a #FakeNationalEmergency—an illegal power grab from an unhinged man to push his racist, dangerous policies,” said on its website. “We are mobilizing nonviolent rapid-response events to stand up against Trump’s #FakeNationalEmergency to defend our democracy and immigrant, Muslim, black, and brown communities from Trump’s dangerous national emergency power grab.”

In order to gain nearly $8 billion for his signature campaign promise, Trump declared a national emergency at the border on Friday.

The president’s declaration could face a series of legal challenges.

Funding for the wall has led to a budget impasse and an ongoing dispute over border security.

Trump finally agreed on January 25 to end the longest government shutdown in US history without getting the funding he had demanded for the wall.

The Trump administration has been under criticism over its “zero tolerance” immigration policy.

Since campaigning for the 2016 presidential election, Trump has been accused of stoking racial, ethnic and religious tensions lurking within America.

Slogans in the protests on the third Monday of February include “Abolish ICE,” and ’Trump is the Emergency.”