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Several Saudi troops killed in Yemeni forces’ retaliatory attack on Jizan

Yemeni forces have carried out a retaliatory drone attack against Saudi forces, killing a number of them in the Kingdom’s Jizan region.

According to Press TV quoting the Yemeni media, the drone attack was conducted by the Yemeni Army and popular forces, and targeted a gathering of Saudi soldiers in Jizan region.

The attack reportedly left a number of soldiers killed and injured.

Yemen’s Ansarullah Movement had previously threatened to carry out more retaliatory attacks against the Saudi-backed forces.

Earlier on Thursday, an Ansarullah’s drone attack on Yemen’s largest air base held by Saudi mercenaries in Lahij Province killed at least seven ranking officials including top Saudi intelligence official Brigadier General Saleh Tamah, and left 11 other senior members of the Saudi-led operations center injured.

Among those injured were Deputy Chief of Staff Saleh al-Zandani, senior Commander Fadel Hasan, and Lahij Provincial Governor Ahmad Abdullah al-Turki, with AFP saying the latter two had been transferred to Saudi Arabia for treatment.

The Ansarullah Movement said that Thursday’s drone attack came in response to the continued aggression and blockade by the Saudi-backed forces, and repeated Saudi airstrikes which have put a UN-brokered peace agreement in the strategic port city of Hudaydah in jeopardy.

In December, the Ansarullah Movement and Yemen’s former Saudi-backed government signed an agreement for a ceasefire in Hudaydah during UN-brokered peace talks held in the Swedish capital of Stockholm. However, the Saudi coalition has repeatedly violated the truce deal.

According to the agreement, the Ansarullah fighters, who are in control of Hudaydah, and Yemen’s former President Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi’s armed militia together with Saudi-led forces — who have placed the city under a tight siege since June — must withdraw from the port and hand it over to UN observers.

Meanwhile, the Ansarullah Movement’s Chief Negotiator Mohammed Abdulsalam announced on Sunday the Ansarullah fighters have boycotted the ceasefire monitoring team in Hudaydah, accusing the head of the team of pursuing “other agendas.”

The Yemeni official said retired Dutch Major General Patrick Cammaert, who was to chair the meeting, had “exited from the course of the agreement by implementing other agendas.”