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Iran hails FATF’s decision to extend suspension of its counter-measures

Iran’s Foreign Ministry has hailed a decision by the Financial Action Task Force (FATF), the global anti-money laundering body, to extend the suspension of its counter-measures against Tehran despite Washington’s tremendous efforts to get the Islamic Republic back into the body’s blacklist.

According to Press TV, in a Friday statement, Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Qassemi said he is pleased that a considerable majority of FATF members were not influenced by the US and some of its allies when voting on the continued suspension of anti-Iran measures.

Qassemi condemned the US delegation’s insistence that the body must end the suspension of anti-Iran measures, and described it as a result of Washington’s “radical and delusional policies.”

He also accused the US of trying to exploit its rotating presidency over the FATF to persuade other member states into getting Iran back to the FATF’s blacklist with the help of Saudi Arabia and the Israeli regime.

“The US has shown it is not a trustworthy member of the international community and is seeking to destroy all achievements of multilateralism through its unilateralist moves,” Qassemi said, urging FATF member states to take this important issue into account when making future decisions.

He also noted that the FATF’s basis for evaluating the countries’ conditions has so far been their technical measures. “Therefore, the group’s decisions should not be influenced by political pressures… of a country that has grown accustomed to bullying and unilateralism on the international arena.”

Qassemi’s comments came after the FATF on Friday gave Iran four months to implement its commitments after a meeting of its members in Paris.

The international body announced it would continue suspending counter-measures, which can go as far as limiting or even banning transactions with a country.

The FATF said Iran had acted on only nine out of 10 of its guidelines despite pledges to make the grade and warned the country that it could face consequences if it fails to act fast.

“We expect Iran to move swiftly to implement the commitments that it undertook at a high level so long ago,” the FATF President Marshall Billingslea said after chairing the meeting.

“In line with that, we expect that it will have adopted all of these measures by February. If by February 2019 Iran has not yet done so, then we will take further steps,” he added.