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Zionist regime prepared to reopen UN crossing with Syria

The Zionist regime’s military says Tel Aviv is ready to reopen its side of the crossing point with Syria following the return of the UN peacekeepers to the Golan Heights after four years.

According to Press TV, Israeli regime’s Minister for War Avigdor Lieberman authorized the reopening of the Alpha gate of the Quneitra Crossing between Occupied Palestine and Syria, allowing the UN to resume activity via the crossing pending Syria’s reopening their side,” the military said on Saturday.

In August, the United Nations Disengagement Observer Force (UNDOF) returned to the border between Syria and the Occupied Territories and carried out a first patrol in the area, four years after it was shuttered due to terrorist attacks.

The UN force returned to the area after Syrian government forces, backed by Russia, succeeded in recapturing territory near the Golan Heights and driving out terrorist groups from a “de-escalation zone.”

In a surprising change of tone, Zionist regime on Thursday expressed its readiness to reopen the Quneitra Border Crossing with Syria in the Golan Heights, now that the Arab country’s armed forces have purged terrorist groups from there.

The Golan Heights is a Syrian territory, which Tel Aviv has been occupying since the Six-Day War of 1967 and claims as its own territory despite international criticism.