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Protesters demand Spanish police forces leave Catalonia

More than 5,000 people attended a demonstration in the separatist stronghold of Girona on Sunday to demand Spanish police forces leave Catalonia.

The march began in Plaza de Octubre before marching toward the police station in Pedret. Demonstrators left ballot boxes next to a line of police representing a ‘wall against violence’.

On a nearby stage people recounted their experience on the day of the referendum, a year ago.

Meanwhile, a pro-Catalan independence rally drew thousands of protesters in central Barcelona on Saturday. Police and protesters ended up clashing and six people were reportedly arrested.

The mass protest took place ahead of the anniversary of last year’s October Catalan independence referendum, which was marred by violent raids, clashes and the jailing of Catalan politicians.

Violence reportedly erupted on Saturday after protesters threw paint and projectiles at police, while security forces used baton attacks.

Another, separate demonstration was organized by the police union Jusapol, who are demanding Spain’s nationwide police forces be paid as much as Catalonia’s regional police.