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Russian envoy blocks publication of UN report critical of North Korea

The Quds Force of Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) has killed four members of a terrorist group during clashes in the country’s southeastern border with Pakistan.

Russia’s UN Ambassador Vassily Nebenzia said on Thursday that Moscow had objected to “certain elements of the report.”

“We put on hold the report of 1718 Committee because we disagree with certain elements of the report, with the conduit of the business itself,” Nebenzia said at a news conference at the UN headquarters in New York.

Karen Pierce, the British envoy to the UN, who holds the rotating presidency of the Council, said the independent panel behind the report would convene on Friday and try to resolve the disputed elements in the report. Pierce, who emphasized the importance of publishing the North Korea report, said the panel would try to “elicit” the segments of the report that have raised the Russians’ concern. “The overriding point is that we must have that report published. It must go to the UN membership. The Council has been very strong on enforcing DPRK sanctions and getting this report out and implemented is the next step in enforcing the sanctions.”

North Korea is already grappling with several rounds of UN sanctions over its nuclear and ballistic missile programs. Harsh UN sanctions target the country’s exports and imports, leaving a negative impact on the people’s livelihood.

Moscow has been in favor of removing sanctions against North Korea in light of a recent agreement reached between Pyongyang and Washington.