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Iran’s South Pars field’s non-oil exports rise by 23%

The South Pars gas field’s non-oil exports have seen a 23% increase in the past year, Iran’s customs office announced on Sunday.

According to the customs office’s report, 17.56mln tons of non-oil goods nearly worth of $8.3bln were exported from South Pars gas and oil field in one year.

The South Pars natural-gas condensate field in the Persian Gulf is the heart of energy production in Iran and despite US sanctions, the output of the field is witnessing a rising trend so much so that the exports from the field has increased by 23 percent in the last year. Atop the exported items of the field is the category of gas condensates.

The South Pars field, the world’s largest natural gas field, is not just the heart of Iran’s energy production, but it is also the hub of non-oil exports of Iran, including petrochemical products and gas condensates.

In addition to homing South Pars gas field, the Pars Special Economic Energy Zone (PSEEZ) also hosts 16 petrochemical plants which produce more than 20 million tons of petrochemical products. The biggest share of these products are exported.