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Lockheed Martin bomb reportedly used on school bus in Yemen

A school bus attack in Yemen, which left 51 people martyred, was carried out using a US manufactured bomb, according to an investigation.

US arms giant Lockheed Martin actually made the laser-guided MK 82 bomb used in the attack last week, CNN reported.

The death toll involved 40 children while 56 of the 79 wounded were also kids.

The attack was branded as a “legitimate military operation,” by Saudi Arabia, engaged in the US-backed war on its impoverished neighbor.

“I will tell you that we do help them plan what we call, kind of targeting,” said Defense Secretary James Mattis. “We do not do dynamic targeting for them.”

Since the beginning of this year alone, 55 airstrikes have been launched against civilian vehicles and buses, according to the Yemen Data Project.

American bombs have already led to hundreds of civilian casualties in the war-ravaged country.

Ninety-seven people were martyred in March 2016 by a US-supplied MK 84 bomb, which was followed by the deaths of 155 people in a funeral hall attack.

Some 15,000 Yemenis have been martyred and thousands more injured since the onset of the Saudi-led aggression on Yemen in March 2015.

The United Nations says a record 22.2 million Yemenis are in need of food aid, including 8.4 million threatened by severe hunger.