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Syrian Army repels Daesh’s heavy offensive in Homs deserts

The Syrian Army men, backed up by the country’s Air Force, fended off Daesh’s heavy attack in the Eastern Badiyeh (desert) of Homs on Sunday, inflicting major losses on the terrorists.

The army forces engaged in a tough battle with the Daesh terrorists Southeast of al-Bardeh region in the Eastern Badiyeh of Homs.

In the meantime, the army aircraft pounded Daesh’s positions and movements in al-Bardeh and also near the T2 Oil Pumping Station and Aweiraz Dam, damaging the terrorists’ bases and military equipment.

The Daesh terrorists suffered heavy casualties and pulled back the remaining pockets of its militants from the battlefield.

A military source said earlier this month that the Army men conducted a mop-up operation in Houleh region in Northern Homs, discovering a large depot of terrorists’ arms and ammunition, adding that PKC machineguns, sniper rifles made by the Western states as well as Israeli grenades were among the seized weapons and munitions.