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Palestinian MP quits over racist Knesset’s nation-state law

A Palestinian member of Zionist regime’s parliament has resigned over the recent adoption of a controversial law that claims Jewish supremacy over Arabs.

According to Press TV, Zouheir Bahloul, of the opposition Zionist Union Party on Saturday announced his resignation, noting that he would no longer be able to face his family if he remained.

“I am resigning from the Knesset,” he said during a televised interview.

“The nation state law officially, constitutionally, removes the Arab population from the path of equality in Israel…”Should I sit on the fence? Should I give legitimacy to this destructive, racist, extremist parliament?” he further noted.

He added that his resignation would be effective when parliament returns from its summer recess in September, but he vowed not to reconsider his move until then.

“I faithfully promise that I shall not go back,” he said.

Earlier in the month, Israel’s parliament (Knesset) adopted a controversial bill that declares the occupying entity “the nation-state of the Jewish people,” in what is widely criticized as an apartheid measure that could lead to discrimination against its own Arab population.

Besides officially designating Israel as a “state” exclusively for the Jews, the law defines occupied al-Quds as the “capital” of Israel, downgrades the status of the Arabic language and encourages the promotion of the regime’s settlements — which have been built on Occupied Land and thus viewed as unlawful by the world community.

All Palestinian groups in the West Bank and the blockaded Gaza Strip — along with the UN and the EU — have blasted the racist law, which has sparked mass protests in the Israeli-occupied territories.

Last week, a senior Iranian diplomat said Zionist regime’s adoption of a law that defines the Occupied Territories as an exclusively “Jewish state” is further proof of the regime’s apartheid nature, urging international pressure on Tel Aviv to cancel the law.

Meanwhile, thousands of people gathered in the besieged Gaza Strip to bury an 11-year-old boy shot in the head by Israeli snipers.

Majdi al-Satari was shot by Israeli forces in east Rafah on Friday during weekly anti-Israel protests.

The Gaza Health Ministry said the child martyred from a bullet in the head. He was one of three Palestinians martyred.