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US reinvigorating military base in Northeastern Syria

The US dispatched a convoy of military equipment and troops to its base in Northern Raqqa on Tuesday to clamp down popular uprising against its forces and allied militants.

A long convoy of the US military vehicles left Iraqi territories for Northern Raqqa.

The convoy included 300 trucks carrying logistic and military equipment, arms and ammunition for the US troops’ base in Kharab Ashak region that is one of the most important bases of the US in Syria.

Popular uprising against the US-backed, so-called Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) has recently intensified in Syria’s Raqqa Province.

According to Fars news agency, Smart News reported that the US sent a long convoy of new military vehicles from Iraq to the regions that are under the control of the SDF in Hasaka Province.

It went on to say that the US convoy, including almost a hundred oil tankers along with other equipment moved towards the town of Qamishli via the Simalka border-crossing.