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Israeli regime court releases settler involved in 2015 arson attack in West Bank to house arrest

An Israeli regime court has ordered an accomplice in a 2015 arson attack that took the lives of a Palestinian couple and their infant son to be released from prison and moved to house arrest after quashing parts of his confession.

On July 31, 2015, a large fire broke out after illegal Zionist settlers threw firebombs and Molotov cocktails into two Palestinian houses in the town of Duma, located 25 kilometers southeast of Nablus, setting them ablaze while their inhabitants were asleep.

The arson attack martyred 18-month-old baby, Ali Dawabsheh, and critically wounded his father and mother, Sa’ad and Riham, who later succumbed to their injuries.

Ali’s four-year-old brother, Ahmad, who was also wounded in the assault, remained the sole survivor of the ill-fated family.

The incident sparked angry reactions from Palestinians, including political and resistance groups.

The illegal Zionist settlers have in recent years carried out various attacks, including arson and graffiti, on Palestinian property in the occupied West Bank and al-Quds under the “price tag” slogan.

Price tag attacks are acts of vandalism and violence against Palestinians and their property as well as Muslim holy sites.