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Syrian forces repel terrorists’ attack in Quneitra Province

Syrian government forces have thwarted an attack by terrorists belonging to various notorious Takfiri outfits on military points in southwestern Syria.

According to Press TV quoting the official SANA news agency on Monday, Syrian forces, backed by allied fighters from popular defense groups, clashed with terrorists that had infiltrated towards military points in the vicinity of Juba Village and the area of Tal Koroum Juba in the eastern countryside of Quneitra Province.

Several terrorists were either injured or killed and their vehicles were destroyed as a result of the fierce fighting, it added.

Separately, several terrorists were also killed when their vehicle came under an attack by government forces in the northwestern countryside of Hama Province in western Syria.

Syrian government forces have already managed to cut major terrorists’ supply routes across the militant-riddled regions. Several military reconnaissance units are deployed to monitor volatile areas to prevent terrorists from infiltrating towards the military points.

Takfiri terrorists have lost much of the territory they once held in Syria amid sweeping gains by government forces on the ground.

In April, Syrian forces managed to retake the Eastern Ghouta and Eastern Qalamoun regions near the capital Damascus.

For years, the areas had served as a launch pad for deadly terror attacks against civilians in Damascus.

Syrian forces later moved to liberate other terrorist-held areas in the Provinces of Homs and Hama.