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Turkey again warns US not to abandon F-35 deal over S-400 supplies to Ankara

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan once again urged Washington to remain committed to a deal on the supply of US fifth-generation F-35 fighters to Ankara.

“We say that the US is our strategic partner. But the strategic partner should not offer us to knock on other doors. We are not interested in what the Senate said. We are only interested in one thing [the F-35 deliveries],” Erdogan underscored, according to Anadolu news agency.

He recalled that the issue had already been agreed on during negotiations with US President Donald Trump.

“If we are strategic partners, then the US should not make any legal errors in this issue,” Erdogan pointed out.

Earlier this month, Turkish media cited Erdogan as saying that Ankara, as Washington’s strategic ally, has always adhered to its obligations and that the US has no legal reason to scrap the F-35 supplies to Turkey, which he recalled had already paid for the deliveries.

Turkish Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Hami Aksoy, in turn, warned that Ankara “will have to respond” to Washington’s possible suspension of the F-35 supplies after Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said that the United States would continue in its efforts to discourage Turkey from purchasing the Russian-made S-400 air defense systems.