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Syria shoots down several Western missiles, says attacks ‘doomed to fail’

Syrian air defenses have shot down approximately one third of the missiles fired at the capital, Damascus, by the US, the UK and France in a joint act of aggression, with Damascus saying the attacks are “doomed to fail.”

The Russian Defense Ministry said the US, the UK and France fired more than 100 cruise missiles at Syria, a significant number of which were intercepted by Syrian air defenses.

“More than 100 cruise missiles and air-to-land missiles were fired by the US, Britain and France from the sea and air at Syrian military and civilian targets,” the ministry said in a statement quoted by RIA Novosti news agency.

The ministry also said the Russian missile defense systems deployed to Syria were not involved in intercepting the missiles.

A pro-Damascus official told Reuters that a third of the missiles fired in the aggression had been shot down, and that the targeted sites had earlier been evacuated upon Russia’s warning.

“We have absorbed the strike,” he said. “We had an early warning of the strike from the Russians … and all military bases were evacuated a few days ago.”

Meanwhile, SANA described the Western strikes as illegal, saying, “The aggression is a flagrant violation of international law, a breach of the international community’s will, and it is doomed to fail.”

In the early hours of Saturday, the United States, Britain and France carried out a wave of military strikes against multiple targets in Syria, using an alleged chemical attack near Damascus last week as a pretext to justify the campaign.

Trump embarked on a White House address to announce the action.

On Saturday morning, a group of Syrian people gathered at Umayyad Square in central Damascus to protest the US-led air raids on their homeland.