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Saudi crown prince plans to visit US in mid-March: Official

Saudi Arabian Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has plans to travel to the US in March, says a Saudi official.

According to Press TV, on Wednesday, a Saudi government official said that Salman is expected to be in the US from March 19 to the first week of April.

Stressing that the details of the trip are yet to be finalized, the official noted that the crown prince plans to visit Washington, New York, Boston, Houston and San Francisco.

The heir to the Saudi thrown is also set to commence a trip to the UK on March 7, which will include talks with British Prime Minister Theresa May over topics such as extremism and social reform.

Bin Salman has not stepped out of Saudi Arabia since the start of his so-called anti-corruption purge on November 4, reportedly over fears of internal disorder in his absence.

Relations between the US and Saudi Arabia have seemingly improved under the administration of US President Donald Trump, who h