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Trump warns of phase 2 if N Korea sanctions fail

President Donald Trump says the United States might pursue “Phase Two” with North Korea should sanctions against the Asian country fail.

According to Press TV, Trump made the remarks during his joint press conference with Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull in Washington on Friday, when asked by a reporter that what the US might do if the sanctions don’t work.

“We’ll have to see, I don’t think I’m going to exactly play that card. But we’ll have to see. If the sanctions don’t work, we’ll have to go Phase Two. And Phase Two may be a very rough thing. May be very, very unfortunate for the world. But hopefully the sanctions will work.”

Earlier in the day, the president said that Washington was “launching the largest-ever set of new sanctions on the North Korean regime.”

“The Treasury Department will soon be taking new action to further cut off sources of revenue and fuel that the regime uses to fund its nuclear program and sustain its military by targeting 56 vessels, shipping companies and trade businesses that are assisting North Korea in evading sanctions,” he added.

Tensions heightened between the two countries after Trump warned to “totally destroy” North Korea during a speech to the latest UN General Assembly.

North Korea is already under numerous harsh US-led sanctions, but has resisted the pressure campaign led by Washington to halt its weapons program.

Pyongyang has said it would keep up the development of its weapons programs as a deterrent against any aggression by the US which has substantial military presence in the region.