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Deadly blast hits area near US Embassy in Afghan capital

An assailant has attacked a diplomatic district in Afghanistan’s capital, killing at least one person and injuring six others.

According to Press TV, Afghan Interior Ministry Spokesman Najib Danish said the attacker hit Kabul’s Shash Darak area on Saturday.

The area lies close to the NATO’s headquarters and not far from the American Embassy.

The official said the casualty count could rise.

No one has claimed responsibility for the attack yet, but the Taliban and Daesh terrorist groups are present in Afghanistan and constantly carry out such attacks across the country.

Afghanistan has seen rampant instability since the 2001 invasion of the country by a United States-led NATO coalition, which ousted a Taliban regime at the time. The Taliban then launched a militancy, targeting foreign and Afghan forces as well as civilians.

In late January, a study by the BBC showed that the Taliban were now present and active in 70 percent of Afghan territory.

Recently, US President Donald Trump authorized a troop surge in Afghanistan, a policy that had been tried out by former US President George W. Bush but had failed to end the Taliban militancy.