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Saudi jets martyr civilians; Yemeni snipers take out soldiers

Extremely graphic footage has emerged, showing a charred body and heart-wrenching injuries after Saudi Arabian warplanes attack civilians in Yemen’s west-central Sana’a Province.

Yemen’s al-Masirah television network published the video on Sunday, showing the aftermath of the attack on Criminal Investigation headquarters in the province’s Dhahban District, which martyred two people and injured 20 more.

The footage featured a body burnt thoroughly beyond recognition and Yemeni civilians bearing gaping wounds, which the physicians were scrambling to stitch up.

Only hours earlier, the aircraft had hit the nearby Sa’ada Province, wounding four civilians.

More than 13,600 have lost their lives since the Saudi kingdom led many of its allies in an invasion of the Arab world’s already most impoverished nation. The allies have been seeking to restore Yemen’s Riyadh-aligned former deposed regime to power.

Yemen’s Ansarullah movement and its allied Army forces have been launching tit-for-tat missile attacks against the kingdom’s border areas.

Also on Sunday, Yemen’s War Media said the Army’s snipers had taken out seven members of the Saudi Arabian military in counterattacks against various locations in the kingdom’s Jizan border region. The sharpshooters also killed and injured some of the Saudi-backed militants, which Riyadh has been heavily arming to enable a comeback by the former Yemeni regime.