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176 Palestinians wounded in clashes over Trump’s al-Quds move

At least 176 Palestinians were wounded by Israeli live ammunition during clashes in protest at US President Donald Trump’s recognition of al-Quds as the capital of Zionist regime, Palestinian officials say.

According to Press TV, on December 6, Trump announced his decision to recognize al-Quds as Israel’s capital and relocate the US embassy in Tel Aviv to the occupied city.

The US president’s decision caused anger across the Arab and Muslim world and concern among Washington’s European allies as well as Russia. However, Zionist regime welcomed it.

On Friday, hundreds of Palestinians clashed with Israeli soldiers in the besieged Gaza Strip and the occupied West Bank in protest at Trump’s decision.

Hundreds of Palestinians in Gaza approached the border fence with the Occupied Territories and threw stones at the Israeli soldiers who fired tear gas canisters to disperse them.

Some protesters threw stones and burned tires in a couple of cities in the West Bank. Zionist regime’s soldiers fired tear gas and threw stun grenades.

The Palestinian Health Ministry said a total of 176 protesters were injured during the Friday clashes in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank.

A total of 17 Palestinians have been martyred since Trump’s announcement of his decision about the al-Quds.

The dramatic shift in Washington’s policy vis-à-vis the city triggered demonstrations in the Occupied Palestinian Territories, Iran, Turkey, Egypt, Jordan, Tunisia, Algeria, Iraq, Morocco and other Muslim countries.

On December 21, the United Nations General Assembly overwhelmingly voted in favor of a resolution that called on the US to withdraw its controversial decision.

Meanwhile, Palestinians held separate funerals for two teenagers martyred by Israeli soldiers on Thursday in the occupied West Bank and the besieged Gaza Strip.

Mourners at al-Maghazi refugee camp in the central Gaza Strip gathered to bury 16-year-old Amir Abdelhamid Abu Mousaed, who was shot and martyred during protests against Trump’s al-Quds move.