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Iran mourns passing away anniversary of Imam Khomeini

Millions of Iranians are marking the anniversary of the eternal departure of the Founder of the Islamic Republic, Imam Khomeini (God bless his soul), 28 years ago.

According to Press TV, born in 1902, Seyyed Rouhollah Moussavi Khomeini grew to become the iconic Leader of the Iranian nation’s struggle in the 1970s against the centuries-old monarchical tyranny.

The anniversary of his passing away falls on Sunday this year, with hundreds of thousands from across Iran descending on his mausoleum south of Tehran to attend commemoration ceremonies.

Imam Khomeini (God bless his soul) spearheaded a popular protest against the policies of the tyrannous Pahlavi regime which was a key ally of the US. He guided a churning grassroots movement which was seeing the country’s religious values under attack.