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Russia: Turkey’s airstrikes in Syria, Iraq provoke serious concern

Russia has dubbed Turkey’s air raids in Syria and Iraq as “unacceptable” and in violation of the basic intergovernmental principles.

“Such steps provoke most serious concern in Moscow,” said a statement released by the Russian Foreign Ministry on Wednesday.

“In this situation, we call on all parties to exercise restraint…These are actions by the Turkish military against Kurdish forces that truly oppose terrorist groups on the ground, first and foremost Daesh,” it added.

Turkey claims 70 suspected Kurdish militants were killed in the attacks on what it has described as “terrorist havens” in Syria and Iraq on Tuesday and Wednesday.

It also claims that it informed Russia and the US of its intentions.

Syria’s Foreign Ministry has also condemned the attacks, stressing that they amounted to blatant aggression against Syria, and violated international law and the principle of good neighborly ties.

It also called on the international community and the United Nations to condemn Turkey’s actions.

The Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) claims that some 20 of its members were killed in the attacks and some 18 more were wounded.