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Latest US sanctions undermine fight against global terrorism: Russia

The Russian Foreign Ministry says Washington’s latest anti-Moscow sanctions undermine the fight against global terrorism.

According to Press TV, Russian Foreign Ministry’s spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said on Saturday that Moscow was “bewildered and disappointed” over the new sanctions targeting eight Russian companies, which the US State Department claims are involved with “proliferation” activity with North Korea, Iran, and Syria.

On Friday, the US State Department announced that sanctions had been placed against 30 foreign companies, from Russia, China, North Korea and the United Arab Emirates, and the citizens of 10 countries accused of engaging in nuclear proliferation activity.

“This step runs counter to the statements we hear from Washington that emphasize the fight against terrorism, in particular in Syria, where it has gained a foothold. On the contrary, it is completely at odds with such declarations and undermines the prospects of setting up comprehensive multilateral cooperation to destroy Daesh and other terrorist groups that pose a threat to all countries, including the US,” Zakharova said.