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Scottish parliament to resume debate on Tuesday

Scotland’s parliament has announced that it will resume its independence referendum debate next week, Tuesday.

The session was suspended following Wednesday’s deadly attack in the British Parliament at Westminster in London, an incident which left four people, including a policeman and the assailant, dead and more than a dozen people injured.

Scotland’s first minister has urged lawmakers to support her plans to leave Britain. Nicola Sturgeon says remaining in the UK would jeopardize Edinburgh’s stance in Europe.

Also the parliament announced that it would increase security measures with immediate effect following the attack.

“While there is no intelligence to suggest there is a specific threat to Scotland, Edinburgh or Holyrood (the devolved parliament), we have increased security with immediate effect at the Scottish Parliament as a precaution,” parliament’s chief executive office said in a statement.

“We are aware of a developing situation at Westminster this afternoon and are monitoring matters very closely,” it added.